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Chad Schmelzer of Wisconson

My new female has pup exceeded any expectation I had. You guys are doing a great job with your breeding program. I will be a setter guy for life.

Posted on 02/02/2022

Russ Nixon of NJ

Purchased a male 7 months ago and very pleased. So pleased I have made arrangements to purchase another pup next breeding. I would recommend this breeder to anyone that is interested in a top notch English Setter. Thank you. Looking forward to another visit soon.

Posted on 02/02/2022

Beth Ann of PA

The therapy group that I belong to had an evaluation this week and since she is just a few weeks away from her birthday, they made an exception and tested Pepper. She passed with flying colors! She really seems to enjoy learning. She has quickly mastered, give, drop, and fetch commands. My daughter got her hunting license this year and we look forward to fun in the field with both of our young hunters.

Beth Ann

Posted on 02/02/2022

Tim Tomlinson of UP michigan

Louie is doing great. He seems to have an amazing prey-drive and an equally awesome nose. Ive had birds down for him a few times but unfortunately weather has blocked me from doing it as much as I wanted.
In summary Louie has been a great dog and friend this year. He has been very easily trainable, especially for a first time dog owner, and I couldnt be happier!
Thanks for checking in and Ill stay in touch through the next few months of hunting. Best of luck this year and let me know if you will be around Michigans UP.
Tim Tomlinson

Posted on 02/02/2022

Bob Zenerini of NJ

Bart, Im happy to report that Gabii/Charlotte is doing great as we approach her first birthday. Weve been hunting pheasants extensively in the northern Catskills since September, so she has had tons of exposure. My previous dogs were just interested in playing when they were young puppies but at eight months Gabii, on her first time out, was a serious hunter. As the season progressed, she gradually did it all. She was good at finding birds and her points gradually got longer and longer. She stayed reasonably close so the need for commands and whistling was minimal. I always allowed her to play with the dead birds which she shook and tossed with enthusiasm and fortunately she has a soft mouth so caused little damage. The only thing she didnt do was retrieve, with three exceptions. On those three occasions the bird was only wounded and landed a considerable distance away, over 100 yards and deep in the woods. She chased after them and disappeared from sight and hearing. Each time after we waited and waited, she reappeared carrying the bird and brought it reasonably close before dropping it. Even though she would not retrieve a bird that fell within the normal range I knew she would eventually retrieve them too. In November I introduced her to woodcock in South Jersey, and even though there were very few of them she caught on quickly, but again no retrieve. Now yesterday, at my club in Central Jersey, she found five pheasants and for the first time voluntarily retrieved three of them, almost to hand! I and my buddies who hunt with me are thrilled with her performance. Our Semi-Wild season here goes to mid March so there is still plenty of time remaining. Obviously, you have done a good job with your selective breeding as Gabii is off to a much better start than my previous two dogs.
I attached pictures I took in the back yard after Fridays snowstorm.

Posted on 01/26/2022

JR Clingan of WV

James Clingan
All my setters have come from Grouse Point English Setters. The owners name is Bart Grejtak . He’s a great guy. Very knowledgeable. His bloodline produces some incredible dogs. I’d highly recommend him if you are contemplating a puppy. In general, he has two litters of pups per year. I’ve been totally happy/in love with my 3 Grouse Point pups. I have numerous friends that have purchased pups from Bart. They all are extremely pleased with their dogs- beautiful, smart with real bird drive.

Posted on 01/26/2022

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